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Yes, and we recommend multiple monitors for your efficiency.
No, the KODE model is unique in that you get paid per record- meaning you are in control of your earnings. The rate per medical record varies mainly based on chart type, along with a few other factors and ranges from $2 to over $30 per chart. A qualified, proficient coder who passes quality checks can expect to earn between $275-$325 per day on the platform.
Yes, so long as you meet the turn-around time requirements for that chart, you get to decide when to be active on the platform.
Koders on the platform are independent contractors. You can work as much or as little as you want – we will send you a 1099 form at the end of the year.
We take security of the KODERS and KLIENTS very seriously. We utilize all of the latest technology and protocols to ensure your information is kept secure.
Given your apprentice status, the work you’re eligible for may vary based on client preferences. However, we still encourage you to sign up with us and take our online coding assessment!
Your information is simply used to verify your identity. We will NEVER sell, share or use your information for any other purpose.
Absolutely, we want our KLIENTS to have confidence in your work and provide you feedback so that we can all grow together.
Currently, our platform is available for U.S. based coders only. That being said, we’d love for your send us your information to [email protected] and we’ll be sure to reach back out once the platform is available to you!


Our implementation process is short and sweet. We can have you up and running on the platform right-away.
Absolutely, our platform can eliminate backlog, help you meet budget, eliminate overtime, and reduce DNFB.
You certainly can. You get to decide how and when you use the platform.
We would love it if there was, but you can stop using the platform anytime. There is no contract minimum.
Extremely secure. We utilize all of the latest technology and protocols to ensure your information is kept safe. Additionally, our platform eliminates the IT security pitfalls of the traditional model.

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