Coding On-Demand.

Connect with thousands of medical coding professionals without long-term commitments.

What is KODE On-Demand?

KODE understands the challenges of managing variable coding demands. That’s why we created an equally flexible solution that supports a variety of workflows by connecting you with thousands of certified, vetted, domestic medical coders to meet your needs. Use KODE as a supplement to your existing coding staff or as a fully outsourced solution.

The KODE difference

Eliminate personnel headaches

Leave the people & productivity management to us

Reduce backlog & DNFB

Impact key metrics and improve cash flow

Coverage across all chart types

Fill gaps in your staffing model with coverage around the clock

Reduce PHI exposure

Show coders only the info they need and conceal patient identities

Complete control & flexibility

Access the professional coders you need only when you need them

Tracking & analytics

Personalized data and analytics around your charts

How KODE works for you

Integrated quality monitoring

KODE is committed to quality results. Built in algorithms flag charts to be reviewed by our quality assurance review before being returned to you. Increase efficiency without compromising quality or accuracy.

AI to protect PHI

Artificial intelligence automatically redacts PHI in images leaving only the critical information needed for coding while ensuring patient information remains safe and secure.

Robust analytics

Log onto your customized dashboard for real-time analytics. Plus, access our dedicated Klient Solutions Team to answer any questions you might have.

We provide quality Koders

Our Koders must meet the following criteria:

Our Koders are actively monitored

KODE maintains a continuous Quality Review Process to help ensure accuracy

Once you select a turn-around time KODE guarantees its completion

Want a sneak peek?

Get a glimpse of the types of Koders you can find on our platform.

Our Koders can code a variety of chart types.


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