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Coding On-Demand.

A platform built to connect you to thousands of medical coding professionals without long-term commitments.

What is KODE On-Demand?

We know managing medical coding can be tough—we’ve been there. Born from industry experience, we’ve created a digital solution that connects you with vetted, certified medical coders when you need them. Use KODE as a supplement to your existing coding staff or as a fully outsourced solution.

The KODE difference


Any Koder, any time

Access the coders you need, when you need them


Eliminate PHI exposure

Coders only see the details they need, not patient information


No strings attached

No fixed costs or long-term commitments


Pricing transparency

Predictable pricing for unpredictable needs


Eliminate personnel headaches

Leave the people & productivity management to us

Tracking & analytics

Personalized data and analytics around your charts

Rebels with a cause

3,600 coders & counting

KODE has the largest community of vetted, certified, experienced coders—ready to work! Specializations span across all chart types. KODE On-Demand gives you the right coder, at the right time. Every time.

PHI protection

Our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) solution automatically redacts PHI leaving only the critical information needed for coding. The only coding company that can meet your coding needs while safeguarding your patient information. 

Predictable pricing

All the good stuff, none of the commitment: we don’t require minimum volumes, pay per chart. We take coding seriously, but we hate red tape as much as you do. Our contracts are simple because our model is simple, and transparency is at the top of the priority list.

Big expectations, fulfilled.

Our Koders must meet the following criteria:

Quality outcomes:

Built in algorithms flag charts to be reviewed by our quality assurance team before being returned to you

You choose the turn-around time and KODE guarantees its completion

Our dedicated Klient operations team keeps you informed on key metrics

We've got a Koder for that.

With over 40 chart types including inpatient, outpatient, facility and professional, KODE can meet your coding needs.

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