Welcome to KODE Health

Welcome to KODE Health

A Medical Coding Career on Your Own Terms

So there you were: certified as a medical coder and seeing your career opportunity as a linear pathway of reconciling records day-after-day, on staff at your local healthcare system. Or perhaps you’re with an agency, working for multiple healthcare systems as needs scale up and down.

Not anymore.

A collection of industry veterans sought to correct the problems inherent to the hospital and physician coding process. With an idea in mind and the COVID era disrupting industries everywhere, a solution unfolded.

KODE Health is the first of its kind, on-demand medical coding solution.

Throughout the last decade, we’ve seen many industries move to the on-demand model, putting employees in the driver seat. Quite literally – take Uber, in example. Uber sought to find a better way to leverage vehicles already on the street and allow drivers an opportunity to drive on-demand through their software.

Now, that concept has been brought to medical coding.

KODE Health has developed a proprietary model that allows certified “Koders” to join the team, and work on-demand – with healthcare systems and physician groups employing KODE to reconcile medical records through its system with maximum security, maximum control, and maximum reimbursement.

On-demand coding means you’re the boss.

This pandemic era of work has been stressful, let’s admit it. But now, KODE is offering a solution to maximize your personal work and life balance, maximize your income, and work for yourself. Or, you can enjoy the benefits of being a Koder “on the side.” You’re the boss. You write your rules. What would you do if your options were wide open?

Benefits of working with KODE? Unlimited PTO. Because you work when you want.

If you are certified through AHIMA or AAPC, then you are eligible to join the KODE Krew (we can’t help it). It really is that easy.

Parenting and need flexibility? KODE Health.
Seeking some extra income to save for that dream vacation? KODE Health.
Working from the road, wherever you may be? KODE Health.

The technology is here. The coding industry is poised for supporting fluid demand. Be among the first to find out what it means to be a Koder.

Don’t settle for the monotony of the day-to-day. Let KODE Health work for you.

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KODE is offering a solution to maximize your personal work and life balance, maximize your income, and work for yourself.

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